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About Sakethia

My name is Sakethia Burl, and I am the proud owner of Burlelegance Weddings & Event LLC. With the help of my husband William Burl, Burlelegance was founded to provide elegance and sophistication to each wedding and event that was serviced by our company. As a certified wedding and event planner my goal is to provide quality service to every client that I encounter. With a bachelor’s degree in business administration not only can I handle the business side of your event which includes contracts negotiation and proper financial budgeting for any event, but I can also execute any theme with my wedding and event planning certification. Because I am always looking to elevate my business within a years’ time my goal is to use my professionalism and partner with some of the top vendors throughout the Chicagoland area therefore along with my service, I can refer reliable vendors to assist in making your day special. But it does not stop there, as my business began to grow, within 5 years not only will I be providing services for weddings and event, but our company will also be able to extend the offer of linen rentals for any event. Planning a wedding can be very stressful and it makes things so much easier if you can go to one location and provide your clients with a one stop shop. Well as a wedding & event planner my 10year goal is to launch my very own banquet hall naming it Burlelegance Banquets which will then give couples another venue option for their special day.

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The Small Details

There's no better feeling than knowing you have someone there that truly care about the outcome of your special day. Burlelegance Weddings & Events will give you that and more.

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