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Newly Engaged? Here Is 7 Tips to Start Planning Your Wedding

By: Sakethia Burl

Planning a dream wedding is super exciting. In fact, the wedding planning process will allow an opportunity for you to gather memories, enjoy friends and family and at last Say I Do to your husband. Now that you are newly engaged but don't have an idea as to what's next here are a few ideas that can assist you in planning your wedding.

Set A Date

When setting a date, it is important to know the season. Knowing the season will allow you an opportunity to know if you can host your wedding indoors or outside, the style of your wedding and which flowers are in season during that time. Setting a date at the least 6 months out allows you time to shop for vendors of your choice. Fall and winter seasons are considered the off seasons for weddings. Because of this you are able to negotiate for lower rates. Keep in mind typically Sundays are always cheaper than Saturdays.

Choose a Venue

Determine your vision. Are you considering an ocean view for your ceremony, something that represents elegance, or a twilight inspired wedding? Before locking in a venue determine the style that compliments your big day. Keep in mind though there are hundreds of venues to choose from most can only hold two to four weddings per weekend.

Find a Wedding Planner

In some cases, your venue will provide you with a day of coordinator, In the event that they don't it is important to have a planner there to coordinate all of your vendors to ensure your day runs properly. Hiring a fulltime wedding planner can help prevent the stress. Your planner will be with you every step of the way. From finding a venue, looking for vendors to making sure that your wedding day is everything you dream of it being. Remember your goal is to have fun and make memorable memories.

Keeping Track of Everything

Organization is the key to planning your wedding stress free. Organization will allow you to reflect on your planning process and how much you enjoyed it. Getting an all-in-one keepsake wedding planner such as The Wedding Book will help you keep track of your guest, vendors, quotes, contract information and anything that is affiliated with the wedding planning process.

Employ Your Bridesmaids and Matron of Honor

They are your closest friends and they’re there to coach you on. Assigning task and delegating responsibilities can help take the stress away from you. It is an honor to be a part of the wedding and an even bigger honor when you can trust them with task that can lead up to your big day.

Scope Out Your Vendors

Social media presence is important, therefore every vendor that is hired should have some sort of social media page that shows pictures of their work. Seeing their work would give you an idea as to what their styles are or the different venues that they have worked at. This will save you a lot of time and narrow down your vendors list.

Meet With Multiple Vendors

For pricing purposes, we would suggest that you meet with at least two vendors per category, such as florist, caterer, stationer, etc. By doing this you can narrow down the pros and cons of each vendor.

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